One of Columbia's top buyers agents, working solely with experienced and first time home buyers, Daniel understands that taking his clients to the finish line requires the most dedicated and attentive professional. Making sure his clients see deals as soon as they hit the market provides serious competitive edge. First time home buyers enjoy his low pressure and educational approach. Accommodating hours, picking up the phone, answering emails ensures smooth transactions and no opportunities lost. Experienced home buyers will be impressed by his tech savvy approach and quickness to respond and lock in deals. Again, no opportunities lost.

  You will not be mislead into overpaying for a property or buying a property that is just too much work. Daniel takes charge by providing the most updated market data to ensure his loyal clients are paying a fair price and not getting in upside down or over their heads. This is especially crucial for first time home buyers. He will urge his clients to run away from bad deals. You have an honest guide and dedicated professional on your side.